Tuesday, September 27

Energy Debate / Global Warming

Nuclear? It's clean to a point. But in the long run using today's knowledge and being human, isn't safe.

What about the SUN and WIND guys? I mean NO BRAINER DUDES!



Blogger seldom said...

I agree. It is so spooky that the nuclear debate is being brought up now. Did you see that Brendan nelson brought it up a couple of months ago? Supposedly as part of a leadership push by him. I only hope that Howard et al's recent discussions of nuclear power are a response to that and not SERIOUS consideration. For god's sake! I CANNOT believe they are talking about this. (please excuse caps - I am vey upset about this.)

11:18 pm  
Anonymous kimbofo said...

The British government plans on building a whole heap of new nuclear power stations. Apparently we never learnt anything from Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.

Then, on tonight's news I almost fell over when I saw Bob Hawke championing Australia as a dumping ground for nuclear waste. What century are we in, guys??

5:48 am  
Blogger dani said...

These are going to be scary times. We've got absolute idiots running the world who only care about the dollar.

6:45 pm  
Blogger caliope said...

great post today :)

9:00 pm  
Blogger dani said...

i love knowing new people who share the same ideas!

9:42 pm  

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