Thursday, September 22

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go the swannies!!
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This pub is showing it's support for the local team playing in this weekends' AFL grand-final.

The Sydney Swans, the only team from my State playing in the AFL of course should be my team, but back in the 90's when I really got interested in the game, my then boyfriend from Perth supported the West Coast Eagles from Perth who had just entered the national competition. The Eagles were my favourites probably because I watched most of their games and then got passionate about it.

I was very fortunate to see not only the Eagles get into 2 grand-finals, but I went to both of those games, at the hallowed MCG, sat in the Members area, and saw them lose the first but win the 2nd one. The MCG is an amazing sporting arena and 'til this day those 2 events, with crowds of over 90,000 people roaring, are very special to me.

This weekend The Swans are playing The Eagles for the trophy. The Swans(formerly Sth Melbourne) haven't won a grand-final since 1933. I've obviously still got a soft spot for the Eagles but I hope the Swans can do it.

Go the Swannies!


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Good luck to your team. It's so interesting to read about life in another part of our amazing world.

Go Swans!

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