Monday, September 19

Weekend Roundup

My last post sounds so dismal. I'm happy to report my weekend improved from the minute I wrote that.

It started like this: For the 1st time in my life I went and bought a six-pack. For myself. For me only, not going to a party or something. And I don't really drink beer. Except after seeing Uluru and walking its base a few weeks ago, I had one that afternoon and rejoiced. I had no idea 2 sips of beer could get me high. And then last week we had 1 beer leftover from a dinner party, and as JD isn't here to drink it, I saw it in the fridge, and felt like why not? and then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe it also helps that I'm talking about Pilsner Urquell - a nice Czech beer. So I had shopped for dinner, opened a beer and had a brilliant time preparing and cooking a wonderful meal for myself. I'd hired 3 DVD's thinking I may watch 2, and then it took me about 7 hours to finish watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas because my phone kept ringing, and so I felt very loved from everyone concerned.

Sunday afternoon I went to my sister's and that's where I've been until now. Having lots of nice family time with my gorgeous nieces. Although more sleep would have been nice. The little one woke quite a few times during the night and was then awake bouncing with joy at 6am.

And of course had loads of calls with my angel. And so all is good. All is great actually. I have not a thing to whinge about or feel sad about.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

I'm so glad your weekend improved and that you felt so surrounded by love. That's a darling photo of your niece. Hope your week goes well.

1:09 pm  

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