Wednesday, September 14

Grower's Market

This market takes place 5 minutes from our house on Wednesdays & Saturdays. About 10 years ago Sydney's restaurant scene stood up and is now pretty well considered world class. And with that, joe public became far more informed about good fresh produce. So now there are quite a few markets happening around town which are still mainly a novelty rather than a way of life. Which probably seems very strange for any Europeans reading as market day is a tradition in all towns, cities and dorfs. I picked up a few goodies to enjoy, alone, over the next couple of days. Sniff.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Oh wow!!!! This looks absolutely amazing. We don't have anything like this in my small Texas town. We have a few farmers markets scattered here and there (which are really consists of a pick bed with some produce) but nothing like this. Wow!

7:57 am  

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