Wednesday, September 7

Life without The News

On our recent travels we had no contact with media. Of course there were local papers around, and I did hear a couple of tv's blaring in neighbouring caravans, and on our last night we stayed in a nice hotel, and I turned the tv on and then realised within 10 seconds I didn't even want to watch it and turned it off.

Before we left, the hurricane had hit the US but the devastation wasn't quite apparent yet, although I do recall the evacuation of the city having to happen. I was in another bubble, the packing and doing last minute things before travelling bubble and so I wasn't paying too much attention at all. I spoke with my family on Sunday night and for the 1st time I was hearing about some of what happened over there. I was only half listening again. It just sounded too traumatic for me, and after having been in wild, open, unadulterated country and having had a wonderful time with my gorgeous JD, I decided I really don't want to know about these things anymore. If I don't watch, hear, read the news then I don't know the news in the little details. I even don't like loud noise at the moment, and so have been driving without the radio on and all my time spent at home is quiet. This is great news for JD who is a long time believer of no-tv, but hey I'm not going to go that far yet. And I wonder how long I'll last. Probably next big disaster I'll be glued again.

So how am I feeling without the news? Lighter, happier, more content. I can recommend.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

I hear you. News about the hurricane has been non-stop here in the US and although I think it was important for all of us to see what was happening I finally reached a point where my heart just couldn't take it anymore. So, so much tragedy and devastation. It's more than I can bear. We have received about 400+ evacuees in my small Texas town and I'll do my share to help but I can't stand to hear anymore of the news right now. It can get to be too much sometimes.

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