Monday, August 29

Why Don't They Pay Up Themselves?

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 5th annual Forbes Global CEO Conference. It's taking place at the Sydney Opera House. Apparently, both the Federal and NSW governments are going to fund the conference. A government source suggested both are spending up to $1million each, although costs aren't being divulged "under contract arrangements". The State government is also providing free police protection at the conference. Security will require 200 police a day, at an estimated cost of more than $500,000. According to the government, the large police presence is required because the event has been assessed "medium risk". A number of Global Justice and peace groups have pledged to protest at the conference.

Sorry, but I don't understand. The people attending this conference are amongst the richest in the world. They are the CEO's of all the world's most powerful companies. The Forbes meeting does not have the official profile of meetings of international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, but it is one of the international gatherings designed to further imperialist hegemony.

Why are we the taxpayers footing the bill for the security? The organisers should be doing that themselves or better yet, be spread amongst all the attendees.

This is SO WRONG.


Anonymous Conch said...

I totally agree and had the same conversation with a few people yesterday.

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