Friday, August 26

The Week that Was

Got to see my favourite girls a few times this week, including a nice sushi picnic today with my Mum and sister and niece at my favourite harbour beach.

Caught up with a friend who now lives in Brisbane for dinner during the week. So now I'm planning when I'll go up to see her. Another friend in Melbourne has also invited me down. So the next couple of months may see a bit of travelling going on.

Had an interesting time at the German Embassy yesterday - JD needs a new passport - and like all embassies (I remember the one in Bonn and Washington DC) the people are kind of officious. Hopefully all goes well because he's taking off in 16 days.

And the vacuum cleaner broke. It has been testing our patience for a while now, we've had several exploding bags which left us and the whole house gasping for air and covered in dust and grit (JD had been excavating the fireplace) but this time I was changing the bag and opened the lid and then the hinge just bent out of place and broke - meaning it cannot be closed anymore. Great. Therefore the house is so dusty and our new rug still molts it's furballs. Makes me feel icky. So we're probably going to get one of those bagless Dyson's tomorrow. How exciting.


Blogger Nikki said...

Cau!! I found you through a link in my webstats... thanks for linking to me! AND I just realized that I still have a postcard sitting on my desk with your name on it! (I had gotten the email, but I don't remember if I wrote back.) Anyway, I'm happy to have found your blog and am enjoying catching up. :)

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