Monday, August 22

Info Request for a Dummy

Does anyone know how to (or even whether or not you can) copy the thousands of bookmarks of your favourite websites so you can dump them in your new computer? OK that was badly said agreed but I am kind of technoed out right now and just not thinking straight.

We got a new laptop on Thursday and finally today I've started playing with it. And we also got broadband at the same time so I've been installing that. Basically I am feeling very scared at the amount of typing that might be in front of me because I have hundreds of bookmarked sites in loads of categories and I just can't believe that there isn't going to be an easy way of exporting this info.

So please if anyone can help - let me know soon.


By the way, had the BEST weekend down south. Absolutely breathtaking country - reminiscent of Byron or Noosa. Photos will follow soonish but there is much to do with the new computer until then.


Anonymous rosa said...

if you have a mac computer and a .mac account is really easy - just use the "backup" application...

8:47 am  

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