Monday, August 15

A Long Time Between Drinks

Yes I'm still here. Since getting the flu, having a weird loss of use of my hand, pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder and now nursing my husband with the same evil flu, I feel I have almost nothing to say, nothing to add, not much new done or seen to share - but I felt I better say hi as I see quite a few of you have been by lately.

Enough of sickness, there are some great things coming up for me.

This weekend my family (husband, mum, sister, her husband and 2 kids) are heading down south a few hours to stay at a beach-house in a secluded little nook. It seems like we may also be in luck with the weather - it hasn't rained now for ages and it feels like the beginning of summer again. It will be a weekend of walks, eating, indulging the kids and relaxing. Can't wait.

And the following Thursday, we're heading to Alice Springs and Uluru and Kata Tjuta for 5 days. For anyone who doesn't know where I'm talking about - I'm meaning the spiritual heart of this country - almost smack bang in the middle of this continent in the red sands that are billions and trillions of years old. That's a picture of Uluru above and probably one of the most synonymous natural images when you think of Australia. It's just a quick visit - we couldn't get more time but we are desperate to feel this place and wanted to do it before JD heads off to work in Germany for 3-5 months.

Apart from that tonight will tell us whether or not the Aussies can actually hold out the Poms and either score the 399 needed for victory or at least hang in there and not lose all their wickets. I've been loving this Ashes series - it's been a great competition and I think it's good for the Aussies to finally know what it's like to lose now and then.


Anonymous Tony said...

2-121 and just about to get going again after lunch. I'm actually being very "unaustralian" and going for the poms this time around. It is good for Australia to get a whipping every now and again.

Enjoy the rest of the night in front of SBS - hope Anton kept you well informed during the break and I hope those "Chartered Accountants" adverts aren't driving you crazy like they are me. Argh!

10:09 pm  
Blogger dani said...

I didn't make it past 4-175 - so I was well pleased to see the result this morning. Not that the Aussies winning is ever the main thing for me - I just love a great battle and it certainly sounds like it was another ripper.

3:04 pm  

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