Tuesday, August 9

Self Portrait Tuesday

This photo represents me in a few ways. This beach is always my refuge. And I wear Birks everyday. As house shoes and these are the ones for outdoors.

Today I am almost feeling fully human again. I'm trying to give my hands a break until I get full feeling again - so I'm avoiding this computer and surfing the net. It feels weird - I'm going to have so much to catch up on. So hi to everyone who still keep coming by, I will be posting again like normal very soon.


Blogger ♥ joleen ♥ said...

This is such a beautiful photograph- I made it a flickr favorite. :) I hope you're feeling 100% better soon!

1:58 pm  
Blogger caliope said...

great picture :)

5:26 pm  
Blogger kath red said...

hope you are much much better, you sound like you are. if you are hitting the beach. oh how marvelous it looks. it snowed here today.

get better soon

9:55 am  

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