Tuesday, August 16

I Don't Like Cricket.... I Love It !!!!

I think the most obvious thing that has come through to everyone this tour of England is how much cricket is alive, and just how damn fine the 5 day game is - as it's namesakes goes - it's a real test of the players tenacity and skills. I've been fully off the 1-Day game for years now, even though it was probably the reason that I fell in love with cricket in the first place (oh and Kim Hughes had a tad to do with it as well).

So the series is all squared up with 2 more Tests to go. Even though the Aussies did brilliantly yesterday holding out and nearly getting all those runs needed for victory, they must now surely realise that their invincible days are over. Thank God - they were so boring, they were so not humble, they were so revolting to watch and I was always going for the opposition - but now they just seem more likeable - maybe it's that part of me that always wants to go for the underdog.

Good on the Poms though - they're really making it a summer to remember!


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