Thursday, August 18

Puff Monster

If I weren't so vain I'd be showing you all how I look this morning. But it's too awful. I shouldn't eat cow dairy. It doesn't really agree with me. It makes me get blocked up, and my sinuses swell, which means on waking I am totally puffed up. So why have I been blowing the restricted cow dairiness this week? Because I just had to. I bought a smallish can of Milo, and have been having 2-3 cups of it a day with goat milk, but the Milo itself is full of things I can't have either - and I bought some nice cheese, Danish Blue and a vintage cheddar, and they're pretty much gone as well. Every now and then I just can't ignore these cravings, but how I regret it when I look at myself in the mirror right now. Dumb.


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