Wednesday, August 17

Must Have

Found this via Treehugger & Land+Living. Out in a couple of weeks by Marta Serrats and Universe Publishing.

"In an age of "McMansions," this international survey of the latest in residential architecture proves that small is beautiful-and responsible. The houses profiled are designed to make maximum use of the smallest possible footprint in order to protect the environment. The houses profiled here prove that efficiency as well as beautiful, thoughtful design can be had in a tiny setting. Each project includes a case history describing its design challenges and how the architect overcame them, a detailed blueprint for each house, full-color photos of the interior and the exterior, and plans of the layout."

Can't wait to get my hands on this. Living in a tiny little terrace house in almost downtown Sydney I know too well the need for excellent design of small spaces.

Having grown up in here, seeing this city grow and become a full metropolis with all the good and bad trappings of modern existence, witnessing pollution increasing and suburbs sprawling out into the bush I know that I won't probably be growing old in this city. So we're already thinking about buying some land and building ourselves a little eco-house with as small a footprint as possible surrounded by lots of trees and land near the ocean but with a view. Not too much to ask really is it?


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