Monday, August 22

Weekend Report

Friday afternoon we hit the road and ended up in a sleepy little town 3 hours south from home. The rest of my family were already there, the fire was blazing, the house was cosy, the girls were excited to see us, we had a mini violin concert from Jindi, and then a delicious dinner was on the table. A few bottles of wine and many discussions later we were off to bed with the anticipation of the next morning and what the day would bring, especially considering we had no idea of what anything looked like as it was well dark when we arrived.

We woke to rain, and it ended up hanging around alot of the day, but it didn't matter. A range of Australian native birds are backyard residents, and as soon as we put out the birdseed they came flocking around.

The little enclave we stayed at is surrounded by national parks on all sides. Just amazing. We got soaking wet and cold but it was well worth seeing this country in this weather as it added a whole new mood.

The wet weather as most Aussies know tends not to hang around much these days, so we had a blue sky sunny warm Sunday. We hit the coast and did a long walk and every one swam except me because I thought it was way too cold. One sad thing was that we saw 2 dead turtles and a sting ray on the beach, but I guess that's just nature.

The pace of things was very relaxing, and the house was really nice. It had everything we needed and we all can't wait to get back there in summer.

And lastly, we had a visit from these locals.



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