Wednesday, September 7

Road Trip Part II

These thoughts about traveling in the outback may appear to ramble and not be sequential and may still not make any sense.

Yesterday I mentioned the word BIG. I forgot to mention the BIG fuel prices. The campervan isn’t one of the most aerodynamically designed vehicles add to that the fact that once you leave town (and there were only 2: Alice Springs and Yulara, and 3 petrol stops) there isn't a speed limit anymore, and due to the BIG distances and LITTLE time we had, we, I mean JD (I only drove about 60kms of the 1550 km's) was fanging it. So at 140k.p.h our little transport home gulped down that petrol. We had to pay between $1.45-$1.55 a litre. Ouch.

When I was organising the trip, I presumed that spring in Sydney meant spring in the top end, and it does, but for them spring means 11-33, rather than summer 30-45. 3/4 of the way around the base walk of Uluru I started to spontaneously explode. I felt so hot and hideous and things became unenjoyable. Any tree we passed we sought out for a few minutes from respite from the sun. Then we realised we hadn't been drinking enough water. For every hour of walking you should drink 1L of water. And we'd probably had only 2L between us and we'd walked 2 hours. I'd also worn the thickest socks, a visor rather than a hat, and a t-shirt under the shirt. So JD recommended I stirp down to bra only and we sat under a tree for 10 mins and drank some more and things slightly improved. That night I slept like a baby. I was so exhausted. We also had a couple of beers each, and I don't even drink beer, but these were the best beers I've ever had. Delicious, thirst quenching and strong. Watching the sunset at Uluru was magical.


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