Wednesday, August 31

Excitement is an Understatement

Tomorrow we'll be landing in Alice Springs and starting our little outback adventure. I really hope the campervan we're hiring to be our vehicle and hotel room in 1, isn't going to be too squeezy or skanky.

Because accommodation costs are totally over the top out there, we decided to get one of these. It's got a fridge, so we can make tea & cook, and be quite independent. The thought of having to be part of a big touristy group is like hell for us. Of course, with me being a 5 star hippy (quote from brother-in-law), I think dinner at night may have to be in a real restaurant with white tablecloths - just joking JD - a cafe will do. And I've already booked a nice hotel for our last night back in Alice for a nice cushy end to the holiday.

Can you imagine this is the type of stuff I'm going to see? Too wild.

So, back next week guys.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Ooooh...Hope you have fun. It looks wonderful. Can't wait to see your photos from the trip. Go live it up for all of us who are stuck in a cubicle, sitting in a really uncomfortable chair.

2:45 am  

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