Wednesday, September 7


We have 2 reasonable digital cameras and took both with us on our latest trip knowing we'd both want to snap away at the same time. I mostly used our old Kodak. On arrival home, champing at the bit to download all the shots to see if there was anything half decent captured, we discovered that the old USB card reader isn't compatible with our new Windows XP operating system. We've downloaded the new software from Kodak and still it doesn't recognise the reader. What are we going to do? Does anyone have any suggestions? Luckily we've downloaded the photos on the old computer so we've seen them but basically can't do anything further. This is driving me nuts. So right now alot of the shots I'm claiming on this and my flickr site aren't my photos at all, they're JD's - and I suppose now while I'm saying this I've used his photos many times before on my sites and never given him credit. All respect to you JD!!!


Blogger daniel said...

I'd be tempted to buy a new card reader. It should only cost you about $30.

4:16 pm  
Blogger dani said...

oh god never even thought of that. thanks!!! sometimes i over complicate things.

4:33 pm  

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