Tuesday, September 13

It's all Over

Well done the Poms! You've got the Ashes back momentarily. At 1.30am this morning I realised we weren't going to have the tight finish we'd all been hoping for and decided to call it a night. I'd resigned myself to the fact that we'd draw the game. I've really found my love for the game again these past couple of months. I'd gone off cricket a bit, there wasn't any competition, it was predictable, it became boring. And I'm going to miss the night time viewing. SBS did an excellent job and I hope they're able to win the bids for future series. Commiserations to the Australian team. They seem so much more likeable when they're humbled.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Are the ashes some kind of trophey? I don't know the first thing about cricket. I'm sure there must be cricket playing in America as well but I am so not-sporty that I can't even tell you about the more Americanized sports. Yoga and walking are about as athletic as I get.

11:52 am  
Blogger dani said...

Yes it's a little urn with the ashes from burnt cricket stumps. That's another a whole other story. The Ashes are a competition only between England and Australia. Cricket is probably played in the US by loads of expats. It's basically played in all the countries where the English had a foothold at some stage. Walking and yoga are the only things I get up to too.

1:12 pm  
Anonymous kimbofo said...

It was a brilliant summer of cricket. As much as I wanted Australia to win, I don't feel too bad that the Poms finally got some cricket glory!! Everyone at work has been terribly nice about it too - I had expected lots of ribbing, lots of rubbing my nose in it, but they all seemed almost apologetic about it. Australian sport fans could learn a thing or two I think instead of gloating and coming across as arrogant.

Mind you, a friend told me Royal Mail is issuing some special Ashes stamps - first class for the UK and those needed to send mail to Australia. Cheeky!

3:31 am  

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