Thursday, September 8


The thing that really sold us on the idea of hiring a campervan was the fact that we'd have a fridge and gas cooker, and of course chairs and a table to make things more comfortable. The possibility to make a cup of hot tea whenever, having cold water on hand after a long hot walk, chocolate that hasn't melted and food I want to eat rather than just making do with whatever is on a menu. Love it. Need it. The kitchen was well kitted out, and the bed was hard but quite comfortable. The longer we lived in it the easier it got. I could easily imagine travelling around Australia in one of these.

I wish I'd also remembered to snap our delicious gourmet sandwiches and amazing pasta. We ate like kings. But that didn't stop us from treating ourselves to some incredible Thai in Alice at the Crowne Plaza that last night.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

Some of my favorite childhood memories is of spending the summer with my grandparents, traveling to different places in the US in their travel trailer. I miss that and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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