Monday, September 12

Nail Biting Stuff

McGrath just almost got himself a hat-trick seconds ago. I actually don't care if we lose this Ashes series, but I am hoping for this to be another nailbiter finish.

Last night's viewing was hilarious. There was a mexican-wave-rain-dance type of thing going on with umbrellas from the paying English public hoping that the umpires would call bad light and a day. The Australians in the crowd were faking being so hot from the sun that they were taking their clothes off. Then the Aust. team return to the field all wearing their sunglasses when quite clearly the sun was not shining. Can you imagine any other game having rules about light levels creating dangerous conditions for the players? And that people who've paid good money actually want play to be stopped using this ruling in order to help better win the game. Only in this marvellous game we know as cricket.

Hugh Grant was even there at the Oval. I'm not a HG fan but I've got to say he looked really good.

Looks like another late night to bed.


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