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Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gig
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I just received this from my brother-in-law direct from Ireland. Thank you so much S for this special gift.

Sheela-Na Gigs are quasi-erotic stone carvings of a female figure. They consist of an old woman squatting and pulling apart her vulva. The vast majority of Sheela-Na Gigs found pre date Christian and Celtic times before 500AD. This early Irish sacred symbol usually found carved onto walls, abbeys, convents, churches, pillars and other structures is a pagan idol representing life, death & rebirth. They can also be found in England, Wales, Scotland and even in some parts of France and Spain due to the work of Irish monks setting up monasteries far abroad. Modern interpretations of the figures generally fall into four main categories: fertility icons, warnings against sins of the flesh, representations of a figure from the old Celtic goddess trinity, and protection from evil.

I wear this ancient symbol to honour my place as a woman in the universe and to welcome the fertility goddess into my life.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

I love the necklace! Last summer I read an interesting memoir type book about a woman and her journey into discovering the history of feminine divinity. I had already been interested in that subject myself but her story pushed me further into my own exploration. I liked reading about this icon.

4:23 am  
Anonymous Bridget Cleary said...

Wonderful to see the Sheela na Gig pendant. This one is from Kilpeck. The best place to get an Irish Sheela na Gig is at
The guy there also seems to have deciphered what the name means!
I bought a Sheela paperweight and plan to give several this Christmas. Sheelas are cool.

10:15 am  

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