Friday, November 25

Icing Sugar

Days are becoming very short. It is still pitch black at 7am and again pitch black at 4.40pm The air is still and it really does feel like everything is shutting down, hibernating and going to sleep.

But I see people walking around or riding a bike with open collars, no hat or gloves and lightweight jackets on. I just don’t get how they do it. I only went out for half an hour today and my face was so cold it felt like I’d been at the dentist I had that little feeling.

This morning I had my 2nd sleep in of this trip and at 9.30am I pulled back the curtains to find it had finally SNOWED. Well just a little, and it looked so pretty like someone with a giant sifter had come and sprinkled icing sugar over everything. And then I looked around for the camera only to discover JD had taken it with him to work today so he could video the secret process they've been working on. Of all days for me not to have a camera on hand.

The sun has already melted most of it, so it wasn't real snow, so I hope more of it falls later today. There is definitely an iciness in the air.


A note for my friend CT: I’m unable to email you at the moment. I can’t seem to send anything to a hotmail address. So we can only speak through this blog. Hope you’re well! XXX

And Milva where are you? Haven't you been online lately?


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