Thursday, June 22

I'm Hot, I'm Cold

Huge G'day to my old friend Nancy in New Jersey who tells me she's now reading this old blog!!!!! This is Bondi 2 days ago - I can't wait to bring you all here.

It's raining again today. Pouring on and off again. Thank God it was fine on Monday and Tuesday so the plumbers could work and didn't have to traipse mud through the house.

Tomorrow I begin Module 5 of my studies which means I'm half way through for Year 1. This year is flying! So much to learn and so little time.

And I'll now leave you with a little haiku, inspired by Kt, a most charming and ridiculously intelligent friend and that US soap that's been around for decades:

Like sands through the hour glass
So are my songlines
Through this precious land of ours.


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