Sunday, July 17


I am just feeling so good!

Yesterday was the day for garage sales around town. I went to just one and bought these little gems.


Visits from friends in the afternoon somehow led us to going hunting to buy a swivel arm thingo - like a pivotelli for the tv. Now it's installed and screwed on the wall and we're looking at the tv and dvd suspended in mid air and are scratching our heads and asking ourselves "is that cool or is that just really really ugly?".


Treated ourselves to dinner at Pazzo. They kindly squeezed us in. Had to die for food. Baked sardines with an amazing onion tomatoe salsa and then crispy chicken with porcini mushrooms and potato cake with slow cooked capsicum deliciousness and topped off with a lemon polenta tart with lemon zabliogne - or how do you spell that??

And now while I wait for a load of clothes to spin out, I've found a couple of new blogs to enjoy and my gorgeous JD is whistling "She's Leaving Home" while working on the bridge of his new guitar which makes me feel very very happy.

Hi to my darling Milva - hope the yoga and space is helping you feel better.

The day is so ├╝ber gorgeous - blue blue sky and chilly. A walk on the beach is absolutely necessary. Gotta run.


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