Wednesday, July 27

The Hoff Mann

Because I don't work in an office anymore and therefore don't have access to this sort of thing, this story leads me to tell you my own David Hasselhoff anecdote. When I was still at school, I had a Thursday night job at a hair salon in the city. I worked with fantastic women there - very strong, independent, intelligent women and the clientele were upwardly mobile male city workers. All very interesting for a naive 15 year old. One of the permanent staff was a transexual. An amazing woman, who had had a hard life, but was very resilient, had great yarns, was incredibly glamourous - she looked like a young Rachel Welch - and had all the men falling at her feet. But that's all by the by. My Hoffers story is this: out in the back room the girls had collected a wall of men, loads of them with no clothes on - including David Hasselhof. Who actually probably had one of the longest of the dicks on show. While waiting for the kettle to boil making client's tea and coffee, I would peruse the wall and I honestly have to say, despite not feeling one inch of lust for David Hasselhoff, for some weird reason I would always ending up staring at him and his long dick.

Is anyone working in an office where this phenomena is happening or does anyone else have a Hoffers story to share?


Anonymous Tony said...

My workplace had its sexy pictures removed 6 months ago after an anonymous complaint siting 'workplace harrassment regulations'. In our unisex toilet there were posters of males and females with dicks and fannies in full view. Nothing gross or confronting, just body parts on view. So I doubt there'll be many stories about 'dirty' pictures now. It's illegal! Baaahh!

ps. I met David Hasselhof once in a toilet. Ahem. I stood next to him at a urinal at a hotel bar in Stockholm and said "G'day." He replied, "G'day to you too, have a great night mayte." I didn't look down at his willie though. You just don't do those things in male toilets. If it's as long as you say it was though, I wish I did have a peek.

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