Wednesday, October 5

Last Time in D-Land

It's almost a month since JD left for Germany and I'm feeling good. It must be because I know I can leave any day that makes this all bearable. Now that his work load is easing he thinks it makes sense for me to come as soon as possible, but I think I'll try to hang out until November - the half way point. I've just been browsing through photos from my last visit and thought I'd share some.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

A month already!!!!! I can remember your post about him leaving. I can't believe it's been that long.

Great, great pics. I can't decide which one is my favorite...I'm leaning towards the chairs in the light of the serene...

4:34 am  
Blogger Suse said...

Lovely photos!

Apologies if this appears twice, blogger did something strange when I did a typo and tried to fix it.

6:17 pm  

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