Monday, July 18

Stop Making No Sense

Sometimes I try to catch Newshour with Jim Lehrer. A US News show on SBS every night. Last Friday night I saw an interview with Lt. Gen. John Vines - the head honcho in charge of The Coalition. One of the questions he was asked was something like - What are The Coalition up against at the moment and why are they there? His answer was strange to say the least. It went something like this:

A small group of religious fanatics are trying to take charge and use their vile ways to rule the country. An even larger group of former Regimists are also trying to get back the power that was taken when we got Saddam. But an even larger number of Sunni Arab rejectionists or Nationals, who are completely opposed to any non Iraqis being in Iraq meaning any foreign armies are the major source of problems for us at the moment.

So my question is this: Who are the Iraqi's who have been put into power by The Coalition and why are they not respected and wanted by alot of Iraqis? And what outcome will the Coalition be willing to accept as a victory or success in order that they will pull out and leave Iraq? Weren't we in Iraq because they had WMD and because we had to rid Iraq and the world of Saddam? Umm, it has been proven there were no WMD and Saddam is well gone.

Guys, how much bullsh*t do you expect us to keep on believing?


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