Sunday, July 17

Up & Down

A full cold southerly was blasting through my 4 layers of clothing and the sand was cold on my feet but it didn't matter at all. Regardless of what the weather might be doing it is always restorative and healing being at the beach near the waters edge.

The surf was going off. There were some amazing surfers out - and a couple of professional surf photographers were getting the best shots I'm sure. Our little camera couldn't capture much - but look closely at this one - that is not the horizon in the back - that is a wall of water. It was huge.

Visited the gang MSJH at Bondi later for afternoon tea and then we managed to have a wonderful afternoon nap. So we were feeling fantastic until J called his brother in Germany and found out that his very ill Dad will probably need to have an operation - which is all very scary considering his fragile condition. We'll found out more in the next couple of days, but J is already saying he wants to be there if the operation is to go ahead - and I think I should be there too.


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