Monday, October 10

-8 hours Away

JD & Deutschland are only a 26 hour plane trip away or 8 hours in the past away or an entire opposite season away. It could feel so far and he could feel so removed from me but luckily none of that is happening. Connecting via voice, image and word is a beautiful thing and doesn't diminish or hinder conveying any of the feelings we are experiencing. I suppose we're old hands at that - but that's another story. Here are some photos of where I'll be in roughly 1 month and what's happening here right now.

Both beautiful but how different are they from each other.


Blogger jenny vorwaller said...

what gorgoues photos! wow.

10:26 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

Wow! Beautiful pics! Glad to hear the seperation has been bearable.

4:26 am  

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