Friday, July 21

Air Water Fire....

Work was fun. It's not a cafe but a cool fish shop which this little seaside place hasn't got one of, which is very strange. I've never worked in hospitality before and so I only know it from the other side, but it was incredibly easy to be friendly with the very chilled out local clientele and the hours flew by and I didn't mind being like a production line at times. And when I finished I stumbled out into the gorgeous golden hour just before sunset and it was truly stunning.

This guy and his bike were enjoying the view all by themselves and then I came along. He didn't seem to like it. Like I'd intruded on his special place at this special time - so I didn't stay as long as I'd liked.

Black cockatoos are so beautiful and graceful. These 2 were all alone and were a sign for me about JD & me - so of course I was grinning from ear to ear.

I love the edges of clouds. They get wispy and burn off and morph into other clouds. The sunsetting behind this one exaggerates that effect because the edge looks to be on fire.

A friend has just dropped in on the way home and illuminated me with hilarious anecdotes from a book launch last week by a couple of acquaintances of ours who are absolute fakes and frauds and somehow know the right people but apparently after the launch may have just about buried themselves - hopefully.

School again all weekend. See ya when I see ya.


Blogger Bob Hughes said...

great clouds!

9:31 am  
Anonymous morgan said...

and intriguing text :)

10:32 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

the sky was putting on quite a show...

5:08 am  

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