Tuesday, July 11

At 9.30pm last night I finally got JD a flight home. For some weird reason, the travel agent hadn't warned us about the problem with having loads of different flights on hold. We'd had the 11th, 24th and 28th and then all of a sudden we had nothing and then we had the 17th even though we didn't want it. The airline deletes stuff at whim when it detects more than 1 flight being held. JD's company would rather he stay on in Germany until the end of Stage 2 and luckily there was 1 seat left on the 26th. Phew. But that means another 2+ weeks away.

I unfortunately have no proof of the incredible whale we saw today. I just couldn't focus and click fast enough. But it was magnificent. Being down at sea level adds a whole other dimension. We were at Bondi enjoying the beautiful weather when I saw a puff and then a huge black and white body glided out of the water and back in. The whale was enormous. It was so close, in the green water. My sister's in-laws from Perth couldn't believe it and the 4 cousins were screaming they were that excited. The beautiful whale came out a few more times in the same gentle way and then it was gone. It was lovely!!!!!

Winter seems to have disappeared briefly. Look how many people are in the water!


Blogger lisa s said...

glad you are getting JD back - even with the delay... and also glad for such weather. goodness the beach looks so inviting!

3:30 pm  
Blogger s_hayley said...

I knew it was heaps warmer today, but seriously, that water surely must be too cold to swim in. I'd never jump in the ocean in July (in Australia)!

3:38 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

whale watching--how amazing! did you take this shot of the moon? it's gorgeous. i never can get my moon shots to look right. they look fake, like balls of light against the sky. tell me your secret...

2:20 am  
Blogger dani said...

yes the moon shot and all other moons shots are mine. no secret - it must be my camera - i just put it on full auto. although i have taken a few and they're like you said. but i always take heaps and 1 or 2 come out like this. keep trying is all i can say michelle.

yes the weather was perfect - 23 degrees. i didn't swim though, i'll wait a little bit longer but not too much longer.

8:53 am  
Anonymous morgan said...

Hey, I'm glad that JD finally has a confirmed flight. A lot of the hassle with getting a flight must be other people holding flights, too.

12:33 pm  
Anonymous MaRisa said...

Im also glad that your husband got better and soon will come home.
Very nice for you.

6:35 pm  

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