Monday, July 3

Monday Monday

The canvas I had made to order has been picked up from the art supplies shop and is leaning against my fireplace staring at me all white and empty. Now I just need to start painting. A friend has commissioned me to paint something EXACTLY like a painting of mine. The problem is, I painted this 3 years ago. And I'm not in the same headspace as I was then. I wonder if I can really replicate something I did so many years ago. I can't even remember the process. It's going to be interesting or maybe not.

Got my results back from last module and I'm extremely ecstatic about my HD once again. Not that I'm bragging or anything. I'm also really enjoying the balances I'm doing on my family. It seems that we're able to reach a level of intimacy that we don't often reach in normal everyday discussions. If this would be the only thing I get from my study it would be enough because I feel like the peeling back, accessing and exploration of feelings I am helping my dearest loved ones achieve is a true gift and this is helping all of us on our paths. Not to mention the health benefits they receive with energy flowing in all the right places.

This morning the ocean and the pool together with a stormfront coming were magnificent. I looked after my nieces while my sister went for a swim in the freezing 14 degree icy water. Don't know how she does it and I'm jealous I can't.

And I have just received a wonderful gift from the lovely Q-60's Girl - thank you so much!!!!! Your lovely gesture has touched my heart and I can't wait to get into these books tonight. After some homework.

And finally, some nice links from some photographers who've inspired me:

my little johnny rotten pony
michel thomas


Blogger Kt said...

Fabulous! And richly deserved - congratulations.

6:56 pm  
Blogger Q - 60's girl said...

HD nice one - its a good feeling congrats also...

9:35 pm  
Blogger dani said...

thanks Kt & ursula!!!!

9:05 am  

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