Monday, June 26

12 degrees is COLD!

After 3 days of sitting on my butt, I needed to move. My circulation feels bad, my hands and feet are cold and seeing a beautiful blue sky I thought I'd have morning walk at the beach before meeting my plumber and inspector from the Waterboard. But it was so bloody freezing. I hadn't dressed warmly enough and had bare feet - bad decision. The sand was hurting my feet it was so cold. I aborted mission when I looked up at the temperature display on the surf club - it said 12 degrees - ouch! I couldn't believe people were swimming without wetsuits.

And on the way home my plumber calls me to tell me the inspector has called off the meeting today, and pushed it to Thursday this week. I didn't believe a word and called the inspector myself who told me he hadn't cancelled. I feel like such an idiot for having paid my plumber the whole amount last week - because what's in it for him now to come back to my place? Or is he now trying to piss me off by wasting my time and setting up appointments that he cancels?

This weekend's module was pretty full on. I had the pleasure of giving someone a pretty amazing and deep balance. The goal she had set was one she has been working on the entire year and this weekend we cracked it - she allowed herself to really surrender to the process, and most importantly trusted me enough to open up and divulge and be honest about what the issues are that are holding her back. I feel like I've made an upwards shift in my development as a Kinesiologist which seriously motivates me and reinforces for me that this study is so important and I'm so completely motivated. I love it!!!

And I realise that my idea to share my favourite links on Mondays hasn't really happened since the 1st I think I'm going to rename it "Monthly Monday Linkages" - and that way I'm sure to not let myself down.


Blogger s_hayley said...

You want to be able to give everyone (plumber) the benefit of the doubt, but they don't always make it easy.
Congrats on your progress with Kinesiology.

3:42 am  

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