Monday, July 10

Can't Stop Yawning

Feeling and looking haggard today. It's been a full weekend. Late nights and early starts. Dinner with friends. Long phone calls with JD. Birthday party. Farewell BBQ. Kids Party. Old friends. Family. Lots of driving. Traffic jams. Open roads. It was all nice but glad it's over.

Celebrated my brother's birthday for the first time ever. He turned 40 so it was a special one. Looking over at my Mum's face at one point in the evening, beaming with joy was priceless. So I've been with him in person only 4 times now, and it's so weird looking into his eyes. There is definitely something in them that is so familiar and so deep and beyond what I can put into words but at the same time I'm very much aware of the fact that until September last year if I'd passed him on the street I would never have known he was my brother. Thank God he and her are finally reunited. He never bargained on siblings in the mix, and he thinks it's very cool.

Glad the sun is shining today. My nieces came to my house this morning and they brought such lovely energy with them. We played and sang and scootered and googled stuff and I've got some new drawings for my wall.

Now I'm just waiting to hear from JD about whether his company is cool about the fact that he can't leave Germany yet. The latest drama being that we cannot get a confirmed seat for him until the 24th July. Yes, in 2 weeks time. I'm somehow so resigned to the fact that I'm not bothered at all. And I know they're so tight they wouldn't pay for an upgrade. He is now well again and his Dad has been released from hospital and is back in the home getting the proper care that an Alzheimer patient needs. Thank you everyone for your kind loving well wishes - I am touched.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

whew! i'm glad to hear jd and his family are doing better.

it's exciting reading about your brother's bday celebration. i can remember your post right after the first time you meet him. i feel like a part of it all.

5:25 am  
Anonymous morgan said...

Good health news about JD and his father! Hope his company give him an upgrade.

On your brother - aren't families complex! Sounds like it was a great weekend.

10:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your brother is a cancer as well! Good to hear you're having a great time all together.

Conch xxxx

10:52 am  

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