Thursday, July 6

School Holidays Can Be Painful

It seems every mother and their child went to Centennial park today. It was seriously out of control. I went for a walk with a friend and her child and then ran into another friend and her new born and we all had to agree (even though they are mothers with prams) that en masse like that it becomes pretty revolting. There were bugaboos everywhere ($1500+ prams), and the designer blankets and clothes and toys and top of the range 4-Wheel drives everywhere – the money walking around in front of us was staggering.

A conversation overheard while waiting in line at the café went something like this:
Woman 1: So have you done anything exciting lately, anything new?
Friend: Oh no, not really. Well I had a baby, and we’ve totally renovated the house. Oh and we went for a 2 week holiday to Queensland.
Woman 1: Oh that’s nice.
Friend: Yes, we haven’t been down to our place at Gerringong (less than 2 hrs away) since baby was born. We usually try to get there 3 or 4 times a year. We really must get back down there soon.

Can you imagine having a holiday place that close that you only frequent 3 or 4 times a year???

But what did make me smile was this comment by a cool looking Dad to his young son who had been continually going up and down the slide for at least 15 minutes that I'd witnessed:

C’mon boy, let’s move, you’re stuck in some algorithmic loop!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd like 2 meet that dad
can you providw a description and location where last seen.

parenting these days is farcical
and i'm in the thick of it.Not saying that i'm not part of it all but how can we wonder at the state of the world when mothers think it makes sense to buy $1500 worth of pram and look to books to tell them what to do with their own breasts.


5:56 pm  
Blogger shellyC said...

I love that "en masse it can become pretty revolting" and I agree.

For me, school holidays mean avoiding any place that is likely to be populated by such mums and their kids!!! My own kids don't seem to mind!!

6:36 pm  
Blogger t-da said...

Oh thankyou for the reminder of my old stomping ground once again.
I love reading your blog partly for this reason. This was particularly funny today, for me who seems to be living the other extreme,kinda and also, kinda missing that revoltingness that you referred to.

8:01 pm  

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