Monday, July 24

3 Years Old

Yesterday was a blur of exhaustion so this is late - and because we celebrated my youngest niece's birthday most of the day - [Happy Birthday beautiful girl]- I'm back posting it.

It was the most chilled out kid's party of all time. And us adults had hours and hours to eat and talk and really have proper conversations because the kids were so content and low maintenance. It really was the perfect situation for me to be in my fragile condition. Jindi took the day off school and she was the Events Director and the perfect little hostess and party nanny.

We then had a nice family dinner with my Mum too that rounded the day off nicely. And because you can't sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles enough when you're 3 years old.

P.S. Doll and Jindi aren't the girls real names - I've had people comment on the names before saying how cool they are but these are just some of the names I call them....and their parents would rather me not use their real names too.


Anonymous nicole said...

Your nieces are cuter each time you post about them! Happy 3rd Birthday to Doll, she is going to be a stunner when she grows up :)

2:52 pm  

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