Tuesday, July 25

So Many Paths So Little Time

My weekend at school ended rather dramatically. I'd been balancing a fellow student and we were making incredible progress, she was having the most amazing insights and I had absolutely no doubt about the accuracy of what was being uncovered. And then BANG, her body showed me something that when we articulated it together was so shocking for her that she actually went into physical shock. I was able to calm her down but then after about 20 minutes when we were already to leave she went into a series of panic attacks and my teacher asked everyone to leave and she dealt with her alone. It left me feeling really uneasy and helpless and somehow her state had infiltrated me. It was only yesterday after speaking with my sister that I realised that I should have insisted on staying there with her, finishing the process, or even just observing how my teacher finished the process with her. It would have been the best learning experience for me and I would have had real closure with my client. Probably because I was still emotionally attached to her I was unable to separate how she was feeling from myself. I was so exhausted last night and at 1.30am I was still awake. But I did sleep well and this morning I feel rested and myself again. What a relief. Kinesiology is a seriously powerful therapy and I'm feeling more excited than ever with these incredible tools I'm learning that can facilitate another person's personal growth.


Blogger lisa s said...

oh dani,

i'm sorry to have missed this when you first posted it....

i hope you are better now... yes it would have been good for you to have been there, but it's also OK that you weren't.

9:49 am  
Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

wow! It sounds very amazing, and like something that I need to learn more about!

4:39 am  

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