Tuesday, August 22


Just in time for our holiday I hope, the weather seems to be leaning towards summer....let's hope it stays that way until we get back. We're heading north about 800km's - which usually means about 4 degrees warmer and the last few days have been really warm (25 degrees) - I even got a little sunburnt from my extended walk at the beach yesterday. Just can't wait.

Despite that, last night I decided to call it quits to the idea of camping. Days are warm but nights are still too cold and I can't think of anything worse than being cold when the sun goes down and having no hot shower before bed which will make me miserable which will in turn make me unbearable to be around.

And of course I/We have left too many things to the last minute including many little car repairs. JD attempted installation of the new car stereo last night without success due to an imcompatible plug in adaptor thingo and then this morning as I started out with my long list in tow I discovered the blinkers weren't working. Hopefully we just disconnected something last night. It's kind of scary driving like that, having to use hand signals in a kind of over the top way, but what I found to my absolutute surpise was how nice and accommodating the other drivers were being towards me. Even a bus driver stopped on the other side of the road so I could turn, waived me on and blew me a kiss. I might have to use this tactic more often pretending not to have working blinkers.

Must away, have so many things to do.


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Good luck! And have the best time!

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