Tuesday, August 15

Summer then Winter : Same Day

And only this morning I'd heard the incredibly charismatic Tim Flannery talking about global warming, and the intensity of weather we're all going to be experiencing. I must buy his book, The Weather Makers - but have also just discovered his site of the same name. He's not all gloom and doom, and offers real advice about what we can all do on a personal level. One of the more interesting facts he was talking about this morning was the huge geo-thermal reservoir under south australia - apparently so huge and energy rich, this reservoir could power Australia for about 100 years. So why aren't we looking at harnessing this amazing and natural clean potential energy yesterday? No, let's all rely on fossil fuels til they run out. Let's continue to have wars in various parts of the globe because of oil and energy reserves. Let's all just continue to scrape our knuckles on the grounds dudes cos that's what it looks like from here you neanderthals!


Blogger lisa s said...

ah yes... thanks for the good link

that hail is incredible!!

3:04 am  
Blogger kelly rae said...

have you seen An Inconvienent Truth yet? and thank you for the link!

9:31 am  
Blogger shellyC said...

Fantastic pics.

Your road trip sounds great. i love road trip too...though they were more fun ohne Kinder!!!

8:53 pm  

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