Tuesday, August 1


Here is my SP this week and it is simply a reflection of where I like being most - at the ocean. Taken on Saturday with the sun absolutely beating down, the sea was perfect, there weren't many people around and it just felt completely blissful. Bondi is my favourite city beach. It's different everyday and always beautiful. Having just now discovered there is a challenge in place for August (I hadn't seen it until now), I'm going to adapt this to suit the theme and will try harder next week I promise. It's meant to be about enclosed spaces - so I'm now going to waft on about the fact that these vertical lines cage me in, like how society's norms also enclose me, box me up, define me. So this SP is but a mere reflection of one part of me and not the real me.

More SPC'ers here.


Blogger lisa s said...

love what you say here - esp. society's norm....xoxo

12:16 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

don't feel bad...i didn't realize there was a theme either until i went searching for it last night. i guess it just slipped past me this month...that or it wasn't advertised well/long enough...

4:44 am  
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