Monday, August 7


It seems like the only time I get my act together enough to be up for sunrise is when either JD or I are waking up early from jetlag. So Sunday morning we began the day like this. It wasn't a spectacular sunrise because of the clouds on the horizon but that time of the morning is so special and coupling that with it being wintery and quite cold we were almost the only ones down there to see it. Sometimes I think the beach is even more beautiful in winter than in summer. The elements seem more intense and more in your face and there is a better chance at solitude.
We had an evening walk on Friday night, after it had been raining all day. The wind was howling, but the sky was clear and the moon and stars were so bright and we were alone sitting on the rocks at the south end out of the wind feeling very connected to beautiful Mother Nature.


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Beautiful photos. I also love the beach in winter. So hard to imagine in The U.S. at the moment, as we are coming off of a series of heatwaves.

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