Friday, August 11

Keep on the Move

I know I know I'm a sucker for a cliche sunset....but I just can't help but love and honour Mother Earth and her natural beauty.

JD left work early so we started our walk before sunset - a good thing because it was getting pretty icy cold out there.

Walk this way.....

.....and I did.

The sun had set and the tide was coming in and the poor seagulls even seemed cold.

I feel a bit crappy this morning. Another bad night's sleep. And my back is aching. For the past few months my back has been steadily getting worse. I thought it might be to do with our mattress not being turned often enough - it's too heavy for me to do alone and I've been waiting for JD to come back - so the first couple of nights were back pain, but last night was awful. Every time I moved position in bed my back ached and it woke me up. I don't know how people live like this - back pain ist SCHEISSE!!!!!! I don't know whether it's origin is in sitting too long at this computer, my desk being too high for me, not stretching enough and haven't done yoga for almost a year, aging, or the mattress. I feel best when I'm being active or walking. Enough whinging I'm boring myself and I need to get up and stretch now.


Blogger la vie en rose said...

what are those little prints in the sand? and speaking of sand, it looks so soft...i want to hug it to myself.

4:52 am  
Blogger dani said...

the sand at bondi is beautiful and soft....and the these are little seagull imprints - so cute.

9:42 am  

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