Thursday, August 10

These Feet Were Made for Walking....

I've been working again this week at my friend's shop....ugghh.....standing on my feet for 8+ hours a day absolutely hurts. I'm so not match-fit for this. My Mum is 66 and still wants to and does work 3 days a week. She's a pattern-maker/designer & cutter and so is only really on her feet the whole time. I don't know how she does it. Seriously Mum, how do you do it???

I feel like I haven't had any time for being creative or being still. Today, I'm going to have a long long walk. Being on your feet when you walk is energising as opposed to standing which is draining. I need to get those endorphins going. And then I might be able to finish that painting, or take some photos, or read, or study......

And maybe my restless nights sleep was because of this beauty.


Blogger gaysknits said...

the moon was calling me to photgraph her too but yours is just gorgeous! i am green with envy!

1:17 pm  
Blogger Q - 60's girl said...

yes that is a beautiful moon Dani... and love the feet :)

5:55 pm  
Blogger lisa s said...

i remember standing - the horrors of working retail... walking is much better.... esp. b/c you take such lovely photos while walking!

4:17 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

that MOON!!!! WOW!

4:27 am  
Blogger Suse said...

That moon photograph is AMAZING! You are THE most incredible photographer.

7:46 pm  
Blogger dani said...

thanks everyone for such lovely and kind comments!!!

9:43 am  

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