Tuesday, August 15

Good Times

Weekends have returned to being those special periods which I'm looking forward to all week again. With JD's return more things are planned, and catching up with friends and family seems more important than ever after such a long time away. Same too for having dinner in nice restaurants. Although this one then tried to rip us off by doubling the amount of wine we'd supposedly had on the bill - not cool guys, an expensive mistake if we hadn't realised.

We also had the pleasure of looking after Jindi overnight. So we had a great afternoon of singing, playing, violin practice, scootering around the house and Grandma even dropped in so she could measure and fit her properly for the Tinkerbell outfit she's making her for school book-week - she's going to look very cute.

Plans are in place for our upcoming road trip up north. We're leaving next Thursday for 11 days.

This weekend had that real edge of summer in it and therefore hopefully promises more of the same but even warmer up north. We're going to take a slow drive to our destination and a slow drive back, stopping at all those places we don't usually have time for. And hopefully discovering somewhere that is completely secluded where we can spend the day/s to ourselves.

And we won't just be sticking to the coast, we're going to drive inland and up into the higher country of the New England area and then on the way back do lots of the beautiful hinterland country that boasts amazing forests and walks and cool little communities. Road trips are the coolest.

So now I just need to book some of our accommodation, make sure the car is ready for the trip, get all the beachy stuff, esky, snorkels and flippers, tent down from the attic and wait patiently.


Blogger s_hayley said...

Ahh. You must be so excited. The roadtrip sounds heavenly. I love them. Don't know when my next one will be.

10:05 am  

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