Tuesday, October 17

Grau in Grau....

....translated into English basically means "the weather is all grey and overcast and hasn't lifted or changed all day".

That kind of weather used to do my head in when I lived in Hannover. For days on end at the end of winter it would be like that. Without seeing the blueness of the immense universe my brain would shut down, I'd become gloomy and depressed. I think having clouds pressing down on your head also made me feel like there just wasn't enough space, enough air, and it made me feel all closed in.

Since late Saturday afternoon it's been like that here....I don't like it. So I'm finding colour in my life to help make me feel better. Here is a shot of my first mango of the season and the next one are some weeds at my front gate which have been dowsed in a mystery liquid by a mystery person overnight...staining the yellow flowers and my pavers blue. I hope it eventually comes off my pavers.


Anonymous nicole said...

bring on the mangoes and blow away those grey grey skies!

6:35 pm  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

yes to color!

4:56 am  

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