Friday, October 13


It's a scorcher out there today. At 9.30am the sun was boiling my brain. After 4 lengths of the beach I had to dive in.......and the 19 degree water temperature absolutely took my breath away. Just 2 dives under and I was out of there. 5 mins back on the beach my boardies were almost dry. It's still officially spring, but 36 degrees out there tells me it's SUMMER.

I'm re-reading the Tibetan Book of Living & Dying. If you haven't read it yet, please try to - it's so full of compassionate wisdom. And so I thought it was perhaps a sign today,of being back on the right path, that on 2 separate occasions I saw the beautiful magenta and saffron coloured robes of 3 women monks. Just seeing these women, on a busy city road pulling behind them a shopping cart, and then inspecting the garden at the front of their buddhist centre made me feel calmer. They just seemed so serene.

Another strange sighting was a cool new silver VW beetle with POLICE emblazoned on the back. When did the cops get so cool? Bizarre. Only in Bondi.


Blogger lisa s said...

love the photo w/ the towel... now i miss summer

2:35 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

that first pic--i love the yellow against the blue sky...dreamy...

4:22 am  

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