Saturday, September 9

Time Flies

Just haven't got my act together to say anything lately. Since being on holiday and feeling wide open spaces I think something deep within has changed. Not sure just what yet, but I feel different. I have the feeling of detachment, indifference and being disconnected yet physically more grounded. Weird. Content but with a little stirring going on. I'll just observe things for a while and see if any further insights develop. Instead of forcing or coercing anything to a head I'll let the universe do it's thing.

This weekend is all about school. It's taking me a while to get my head back into this space, but it's another exciting phase...we're learning about pain management...and today I witnessed how some simple processes can eliminate pain all together. Awesome stuff.

Last Wednesday was the opening night at a cafe in Chippendale where a bunch of Sydney photographer friends and I have put together a small show. It was fun and it's just the beginning. This poolgirl shot is my piece.

Back sometime next week.


Blogger lisa s said...

what powerful things you are learning!

that photo w/ the swimmer is amazing!

3:09 am  
Blogger Aimee "Roo" said...

that is so cool about the photography show. i have always wanted to do something like that, but my area is lacking in the cafe/neat spots department. we only have actual galleries, and they are not easy to get into. i really love the photo... is it enhanced or was the water really green like that? :)

4:09 am  
Blogger s_hayley said...

Welcome back. Holiday sounds awesome. The swimmer shot is great. I really like it. Hope the opening went well.

9:11 am  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

your photos are always the perfect treat...

4:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

will you post something new
some holiday photos
i've got withdrawals

1:12 pm  

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