Monday, September 18

Wheeling & Dealing

We went looking for a new car for JD this weekend. I had been so resistant, not wanting to be spending my time doing such a tedious task as shopping, and then for a car at that. I'm not into shopping and I'm not into cars. I like them to be reliable and get me from A to B with the least amount of fuss and least amount of fuel consumption. But I can't often tell the difference between cars, and I certainly don't get excited by cars or how fast they can go or what the wheel trim looks like. I can barely remember the makes of cars let alone register the small differences in design and extras in the different models.

Anyway, Saturday morning after a nice walk at the beach we hit some car yards close to home...and I decided to change my attitude and just see it as spending a nice sunny day out...and you know what - it worked! It ended up being fun. The salesmen weren't sleazy or pushy or playing mind games as far as I could tell.

We've pretty much narrowed it down to 1 now all that's left is the deal. Which I'm going to see as a game. I'm not going to get too serious about it, but I'm going to make sure we reduce the price by a few thousand at let the games begin!


Blogger la vie en rose said...

i love it! simply changing your mind about things changed the entire day. brilliant!

3:35 pm  

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