Wednesday, November 22

R i T u A l

Morning, noon or doesn't matter. This place is so super special to me. It helps quieten my mind. It energises. I just can't live without it.

Before & After

Not only do I love the taste of rhubarb & apple

but these colours fill my soul.

Wednesday, November 15

I Love Daylight Savings

I love that the sun wakes me up early and easily....tuning my body clock in with the universes' natural rhythm.

I love that the sun isn't at it's burning peak when I'm on the beach in the morning, therefore no sunscreen is required.

I love how the afternoons just go on and on and on. And the evenings take so long to begin. And all those hours turn into making it feel like we're on a holiday or it's the weekend or something and it's only just a normal week night. I just somehow feel more alive.

Tuesday, November 14

L a T e L y

The year rolls onward. It's already mid November. A thunderstorm in the middle of the day brings with it thunder, and huge raindrops and when it disappears the humidity rises and everything feels cleaner and greener. Families of whales drop in at my local beach. The calves are so agile they catapult themselves entirely out of the water. The mothers and fathers ever so encouraging slapping their tails with delight. The lucky few who have spotted them glued to every movement they make. The Japanese tourists who finally understand what I'm trying to tell them are as excited as I am. I bite my tongue instead of blasting them about their scientific murder research. Another wedding. Jacaranda blossom like confetti everywhere you look. Morning beach walks. Evening beach walks. BBQ's. Mosquitoes. Cockroaches. Cats in heat. A child goes missing at the beach. 15 minutes never felt so long. The ugly and worst thoughts going through your mind. The relief when she's found. Still feeling the loss of my uncle. Planning the summer holiday. Watching old slides. Reminiscing. Road trips rock. Negotiating my exam date so our holiday can happen. Already mapping out our stops. Already imagining the blissful feeling of wide open spaces. Camping. Discovering a new part of this amazing country. Everything just feels so good right now.

Thursday, November 9

tOdAy's PoSt Is BrOuGhT tO YoU bY tHe CoLoUr ReD.

Slim pickings around here I know. Words are great but these pics for now can help fill out where I've been and where I'm at. And I'm just loving red right now. Can't get enough of it.