Friday, September 30

Good Things

Last night I had my 5 year old niece sleep over. She is so much fun. She made some posters for me - I think this one is hilarious. She doesn't like smoking and thinks people are stupid if they smoke especially because their lungs turn black. I like the before and after lungs.

Just back from Yum Cha. It was delicious. It was necessary. It was GOOD.

Thursday, September 29

Fuel Prices

OK so I’m spewing that I didn’t bother to fill up yesterday when I saw the 1st petrol station I passed selling unleaded for $1.22 per litre and then 1 hour later everywhere I passed was selling for $1.34 including the 1st one I’d seen.

But this whole debate about the price of petrol and being ripped off by the oil companies and being ripped off by the petrol stations themselves etc etc is annoying because we’re refusing to see the bigger picture.

1.     We all want to reap the “benefits” of capitalism by leading the lives we’re living, so who are we to be annoyed at capitalism in process.

2.     The oil companies have been ripping us off for years, ditto petrol stations, ditto our governments with taxes on petrol, ditto the deals our governments make with all the oil rich nations, including turning a blind eye to human rights’ abuses in those countries.

3.     If our governments really cared about our hip pockets they’d invest huge amounts of money and intellectual resources into finding a real solution to stopping using fossil fuels to making it mandatory to use renewable fuels.

4.     If we don’t want to change anything about the way we’re living e.g. drive less, or better take public transport, turn off every power point in your house when not in use, buy local everything, take fewer plane trips, give up a lot of the pleasures of household living we take for granted, use man power instead of machine power (take note big manufacturers) – I could go on and on and on.

I’m raving and may not be making sense, so basically what I want to say is this:

We’ve all been living on borrowed time from the minute our forefathers started the Industrial Revolution. Since that time we in the west have significantally benefitted from a ridiculous increase in the quality of life. The developing and 3rd world countries weren’t as lucky of course. Using fossil fuels had to have a time limit. Supplies are apparently at today’s rate of use going to run out by 2040. Around the same time we’ll have stuffed up the earth with global warming. We should be using this opportunity of feeling the pinch to our personal financial situations positively rather than whinging the whole time. We should be demanding our government take action. Think long term not short term. We are faced with huge problems right now and our governments are being all hush hush about it and actually trying to make us feel more scared about terrorism. Are they trying to divert our attention? We as humans living on planet earth need to step up and be accountable right now because if we don’t we are going to be living in an energy economy – and then things will become so desperate and so bleak and we’ll have no time to change a thing.




Wednesday, September 28


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School Holidays

surf chicks
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Loved the beach today. It was mostly overcast, which kept it cool and not glary and we ended up realising we'd been down there for over 2 hours when our stomachs started eating themselves.

Tuesday, September 27

Energy Debate / Global Warming

Nuclear? It's clean to a point. But in the long run using today's knowledge and being human, isn't safe.

What about the SUN and WIND guys? I mean NO BRAINER DUDES!


Spring in Our Garden

Self Portrait Tuesday

Ange, remember this? I want to be on this beach with you right now. I miss you!

OK so not technically a self portrait and nor is it really fulfilling the Sept. theme, but there are some legs there and hair I guess. It's posted out of laziness but more for the one I love far far away.

More SPT's here.

Leave the Law Alone

Yesterday, Mr Howard was quoted as saying: "Overwhelmingly, most Australians want tougher counter terrorism measures". Ummm, Mr Howard, I think I would remember, but you haven't asked for my opinion yet. Why can't we hold referendums for stuff like this? Or for going to war?

Just for the record: I want all and more civil liberties please, not fewer, and I don't want to live in a country where certain people are targeted and marginalised for their race or religion. That starts to sound very much like the beginning of that disgusting inhumane era of the 1930's-40's.

Monday, September 26

It's Raining

it's raining
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My garden thanks you!

Sunday, September 25


The Swans did it! In an absolute clincher they pulled it off. What I really like was the total acknowledgement of the Sydney Swans history - the fact that until financial ruin they were South Melbourne and basically they will always be South Melbourne.

Joined the Sydney Photobloggers meet up at the NSW Art gallery and met some fine individuals. James, YankinOz, The Department, Talsit de Cod & Hime.

Finishing the day seeing an amazing performance by 3 of the worlds' best guitarists was perfect. Ralph Towner, Slava Grigoryan & Wolfgang Muthspiel have come together for the first time and apparently it's just the beginning of an ongoing project. I ended up buying each of their latest CD's and got them signed. So JD, there's some new listening pleasure for you.

Saturday, September 24

My Mind is Glowing

I love this photo - it's so beautiful and seeing that the heat is now upon us is very apt for this weekend. It reminds me of that happy full love feeling you get in summer after being out all day with the one.

This is from the bright moods set from mindfulness - I love his images.

Isn't the universe an amazing place!

Friday, September 23


Today was a stinker. Not like the ones you get in summer but for Spring and late September I found it hard going today. Or was it because I walked a few laps at Bondi and then walked around a nursery with nice and cheap plants in the middle of the day and then tidied up the front yard? Or am I just getting old? Probably both, but I definitely got too much sun on my brain today, ouch. I need water, or maybe a beer.....

Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gig
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I just received this from my brother-in-law direct from Ireland. Thank you so much S for this special gift.

Sheela-Na Gigs are quasi-erotic stone carvings of a female figure. They consist of an old woman squatting and pulling apart her vulva. The vast majority of Sheela-Na Gigs found pre date Christian and Celtic times before 500AD. This early Irish sacred symbol usually found carved onto walls, abbeys, convents, churches, pillars and other structures is a pagan idol representing life, death & rebirth. They can also be found in England, Wales, Scotland and even in some parts of France and Spain due to the work of Irish monks setting up monasteries far abroad. Modern interpretations of the figures generally fall into four main categories: fertility icons, warnings against sins of the flesh, representations of a figure from the old Celtic goddess trinity, and protection from evil.

I wear this ancient symbol to honour my place as a woman in the universe and to welcome the fertility goddess into my life.

Thursday, September 22

New Paint Job

go the swannies!!
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This pub is showing it's support for the local team playing in this weekends' AFL grand-final.

The Sydney Swans, the only team from my State playing in the AFL of course should be my team, but back in the 90's when I really got interested in the game, my then boyfriend from Perth supported the West Coast Eagles from Perth who had just entered the national competition. The Eagles were my favourites probably because I watched most of their games and then got passionate about it.

I was very fortunate to see not only the Eagles get into 2 grand-finals, but I went to both of those games, at the hallowed MCG, sat in the Members area, and saw them lose the first but win the 2nd one. The MCG is an amazing sporting arena and 'til this day those 2 events, with crowds of over 90,000 people roaring, are very special to me.

This weekend The Swans are playing The Eagles for the trophy. The Swans(formerly Sth Melbourne) haven't won a grand-final since 1933. I've obviously still got a soft spot for the Eagles but I hope the Swans can do it.

Go the Swannies!

Wednesday, September 21


Help share the spirit of PEACE today, International Day of Peace. And may there be a global ceasefire today and every day coming. It does seem ridiculous that in 2005, with everything we know about war, non violent solutions, the negative impact of war not only on the people in the country the war is being fought upon but for any soldier having to do that dirty business and subsequently their families and lives back home that our government choose the solution of war over diplomacy.

Tuesday, September 20

Self Portrait Tuesday

This shot is so weird I had to post it - my neck looks so horsey.

Milva gave me this "make a wish" bracelet. You make a wish as you tie it on and when it falls off, your wish comes true. JD's broke several weeks ago and we put ours on at the same time. I'm still waiting.....

And for more Self Portraiters check out the special SPT site or Flickr

Monday, September 19

Good Omen

Congratulations M & S - 8 years married today!!!!!! And this appeared just for you 2 tonight.

50 Pounds!!!!!!!!!

For weeks now I've been thinking how long is this going to go on without anyone saying anything. Kirstey Alley's performances in those 2 ads were just getting tiresome. If I'd been Jenny Craig I would seriously have thought about pulling the ads. It felt like 6 months had passed and still the same ads. Still the same Kirsty Alley. Was the diet working? Was she even on the diet? Well she's either been having liposuction and a facelift or the diet really works. She looks pretty good right now. Jenny's happy and Kirsty must be ecstatic.


I've been tagged by Kath @ redcurrent which is celebrating its 1st birthday as a blog today.

So it goes like this:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. 5. Tag five people to do the same.

My sentence : "The Archibald selection wasn't overly amazing. My favourites were Ben Quilty's "Beryl" and Michael Zavros' "Alex Dimitriades".

My 5 people - and of course no pressure-you may not be interested or worse you may not even read this post.

Kim, Michelle, Rosa, Caliope & Kasia

Weekend Roundup

My last post sounds so dismal. I'm happy to report my weekend improved from the minute I wrote that.

It started like this: For the 1st time in my life I went and bought a six-pack. For myself. For me only, not going to a party or something. And I don't really drink beer. Except after seeing Uluru and walking its base a few weeks ago, I had one that afternoon and rejoiced. I had no idea 2 sips of beer could get me high. And then last week we had 1 beer leftover from a dinner party, and as JD isn't here to drink it, I saw it in the fridge, and felt like why not? and then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe it also helps that I'm talking about Pilsner Urquell - a nice Czech beer. So I had shopped for dinner, opened a beer and had a brilliant time preparing and cooking a wonderful meal for myself. I'd hired 3 DVD's thinking I may watch 2, and then it took me about 7 hours to finish watching Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas because my phone kept ringing, and so I felt very loved from everyone concerned.

Sunday afternoon I went to my sister's and that's where I've been until now. Having lots of nice family time with my gorgeous nieces. Although more sleep would have been nice. The little one woke quite a few times during the night and was then awake bouncing with joy at 6am.

And of course had loads of calls with my angel. And so all is good. All is great actually. I have not a thing to whinge about or feel sad about.

Saturday, September 17


I'm feeling a bit flat. Not depressed just flat. I'm missing JD and it's not even a week yet. We talk twice a day so I shouldn't complain, but I will anyway.

Had a family visit which perked me up. The girls got a treat from their Mum and so we all did too. My first ice-cream in years. And then Jindi gave a recital of something she's been learning at school. I can't believe a 5 year old can learn 3 pages of text by heart and then deliver it whilst running around with a sarong flapping behind her like fairy wings staying in character and being totally dramatic.

Extreme wind always makes me feel chaotic. It's noisy and it blows all sorts of crap everywhere and I just find it disrupts any sense of peace. It is blowing a gale today, perfect only for doing the washing.

I'm going to go and hire some DVD's now. And then cook something extra delicious for dinner.

Friday, September 16


Ok, I'll 'fess up. I'm really joining JD in Germany so we can show off these new clothes of ours. Lederhosen are so yesterday. These kilts are going to be all the rage this year - and they're really comfy too. And don't you think my Dirndl is cute? That old knee length style only got in the way. Prost!

Thanks Toytown for the knowledge. I guess next time I'm in München I'll be giving Schwanthaler Strasse a huge miss.

Yum Cha II

Marisa & Michelle, in Australia we call it Yum Cha, some other people call it Dim Sum. It's basically Chinese tapas if you've not heard of it before. Eaten anywhere between 8am-3pm. We eat it around 10-11am. Sydney has a huge Chinese and Asian community. The different food on offer in this town is mind-blowing. I was too busy eating yesterday to take many photos but managed this one early on:

And I had bought these wontons from the market on Wednesday and made them for myself for lunch. These are typical Yum Cha food, and so is deep fried eggplant, and chilli squid and chicken feet and loads of different vegetarian stuff as well.My chicken feet shot was totally blurry and looked like a brown mess. It's my Uncle's favourite. I had a tiny tiny end, but I don't like the gelatinous texture at all.

Thursday, September 15

Yum Cha

Our family has always lived right next to Chinatown, so we haven't often ventured into the suburbs to find out what's going on out there. Yum Cha and Chinese food is home cooking for us - both my maternal grandparents were half-Chinese.

As a last treat before my favourite Uncle starts his 4 week radio & chemotherapy treatment, my family thought it would be a good idea to do Yum Cha because he's probably going to be feeling really off-colour and not up for food during that time.

We headed out to Cabramatta which is about 30kms west of the city. Most of the businesses and people who live there are Vietnamese. It's a pretty interesting place, and if there were no cars, it would definitely remind me of cities in Vietnam.

The Yum Cha was good. Same same but different. Basically the same sort of dishes I'm used to but with different sauces and subtle flavours that I hadn't tasted in this way before.

Wednesday, September 14

I am now ready to Share

This past weekend was full of emotion. Emotions that have been locked up, hidden away, pushed down and forgotten for my entire life.

Friday the 9th of September 2005, I met my brother. I looked into his eyes and hugged him for the first time in my life. I felt his energy and saw his spirit and knew and felt with every part of my being his connectedness to me. Without a second passing I felt great love for this man even though he is almost a complete stranger. By the end of the evening, some 7 hours later I feel I never ever want him out of my life.

One week earlier, on the 1st Friday in September as I looked on in wonder at the setting sun’s light changing the colour of Uluru, I got my first inkling that something big was up. My sister had called and said I needed to speak with my mum. An hour later I was listening to my mother’s pure joy as she told me about the hand written letter she had received that morning. A letter written with so much at stake. A letter wanting contact with her, his birth mother. From that moment my life changed.

Over a decade earlier my mother had registered her name with Adoption Services with the hope that her son would want to contact her some day. With every year that passed so did her/our hopes. My sister and I often dabbled with the idea of contacting him ourselves. We as full siblings felt we had every right to. But we never went through with it.

I will refer to my brother as JP here. He is 2 years older than my sister and I. I am now beginning a journey to get to know him and his family. One of the greatest journey’s of my life.

I can happily report that ALL members involved are happy with these new circumstances - we are the luckiest people in the world. My world and family has now grown by 3.

I love these Girls

Grower's Market

This market takes place 5 minutes from our house on Wednesdays & Saturdays. About 10 years ago Sydney's restaurant scene stood up and is now pretty well considered world class. And with that, joe public became far more informed about good fresh produce. So now there are quite a few markets happening around town which are still mainly a novelty rather than a way of life. Which probably seems very strange for any Europeans reading as market day is a tradition in all towns, cities and dorfs. I picked up a few goodies to enjoy, alone, over the next couple of days. Sniff.

Tuesday, September 13

Self Portrait Tuesday

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